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65° Pixie Tweezer

65° Pixie Tweezer

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The pixie tweezer has a 65 degree angle that rests perfectly in your hand. This reduces major wrist gestures that can lead to hand fatigue. Great for inner corner application. 

Each tweezer is hand-crafted and hand-tested.

  • 65- degree angle
  • Classic to Volume (0.18, 0.15. .07, .05, .03 )
  • Matte Powder finish 
  • Diamond grip handle
  • Steel material
  • Great for all lashing techniques
  • Perfect all-around grip


1. Cleanse with soap & hot water 

2. Disinfect tool ( do not leave tweezers in a cleaning solution overnight )

3. Do not wipe with acetone, this can cause the tweezer coating to come off

4. Wash & pat dry

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